Cherokee Heritage Center

The Center consists of a living history Cherokee village, a museum, and small township of historical buildings. Dedicated to the perservation of Cherokee culture and history, it is one of the most widely visited Native American sites in Oklahoma.

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Saturday, December 18, 2004

A Becky Adair Original

Here's an ode to the staff at the Cherokee Heritage Center by Becky Adair--thanks for the wonderful sentiments, Becky, and for taking the time to write!!

So the thing I admire about you...

Tonia, is your firm ability to make your opinion heard
Roy, your always pleasant attitude even through the absurd
Gene, for your vocal talents you share with me each & every day
Zach, how you always offer to help, even when it's out of your way

Rex, for persistently helping me to smile through all the aggravation
Tom, your humor, flexibility, and 28 years of dedication
Mickel, how you adapt to your ever changing & challenging schedule
Ami, through all the pressure, you persist and manage to keep your cool

Tori, your sense of grace and the generosity you show to everyone
Chris, no matter your workload, you always seem to be having fun.
Sam, for your full-blood, independent stature with that friendly smile
Kathryn, your always agreeable attitude even when asked to go that extra mile

Mel, for your upbeat attitude and unofficial role as my motivator
Robert Lewis, for sharing your artistic talents by becoming an educator
Kathy, how you slave over a stove for the tasty food that you prepare
Wil, for handling various mailing projects & never pulling out your hair

Chrissie, for showing your patience, I truly enjoy working with you
Rhonda, for showing a level headed, character with everything you do
Rachel, for being so independent & living on your own provisions
Dave, how you accommodate groups, even under stressful conditions

Nita, you are always so pleasing, I have yet to see any bad in you
Orville, you always seem so relaxed with tasks you're asked to do.
Susan, you've proven that you adapt well to the various department positions
Perry, how you continue to show leadership through all the oppositions

"Chip", your quiet, playful attitude has managed to fit in well
Debbie, although you're soft-spoken, your generous smile has more to tell
Robert Channel, you're personality is so open, you're good company with anyone
Cora, you always stay on top of things to make sure the job gets done.

This only leaves Rick & Mary Ellen, the top dogs of our administration.
But to rhyme with 'Rick' would definitely cause my termination.
Rick, I respect your persistence but above all, your flamboyant attire.
Mary Ellen, it's your confidence with each one of us is truly what I admire.

It seems everyone has their place, and there's a place for everyone.
But I sincerely admire those left standing after all is said and done.
There's good to be said for all, it shouldn't be an obligation
So this is just my creative way to show each of you my admiration.


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