Cherokee Heritage Center

The Center consists of a living history Cherokee village, a museum, and small township of historical buildings. Dedicated to the perservation of Cherokee culture and history, it is one of the most widely visited Native American sites in Oklahoma.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Cherokee Heritage Center featured in USA Weekend

May 16, Monday
The Cherokee Heritage Center was featured in a weekend story yesterday by USA Today. “How the Cherokee people arrived in eastern Oklahoma from southern Appalachia is not a pretty story. What they did once they got there is a triumph of the human spirit. Upon arriving in Tahlequah in 1838 at the end of the 800-mile Trail of Tears, the people built a public school system, published bilingual newspapers and enacted representative government -- 70 years before Oklahoma gained statehood. Today, Tahlequah is the political, cultural and commercial capital of both the Cherokee Nation, the country's second-largest tribe, and the United Keetoowah Band. At the Cherokee Heritage Center in nearby Park Hill, visitors can learn history, research genealogy, take nature tours, watch performances and explore re-created villages. Its very existence is a tribute to the perseverance of the Cherokee and, by extension, all Native Americans.“


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