Cherokee Heritage Center

The Center consists of a living history Cherokee village, a museum, and small township of historical buildings. Dedicated to the perservation of Cherokee culture and history, it is one of the most widely visited Native American sites in Oklahoma.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Cherokee Heritage Center Hosts Russian Delegation

A delegation from Russia visited the Cherokee Heritage Center today to learn about our techniques for preserving and promoting Cherokee history and culture. Tulsa Global Alliance Program Director, Bob Lieser, said he brought this group of eight visitors to the Cherokee Heritage Center because they were interested in starting a similar site in Russia, or because they would like to learn how to better manage the site they currently have.

Our Russian guests enjoyed the various attractions at the Cherokee Heritage Center such as the Cherokee National Museum, Adams Corner Rural Village and the Tsa La Gi Ancient Village. They also spoke with Cherokee Heritage Center Curator Mickel Yantz, Director Richard A. Fields, and Education Director Tonia Hogner-Weavel. The group, made up of museum and preservation professionals, were very interested in learning more about Cherokee lifestyles stating they had heard bits and pieces from other people but wanted a first-hand experience of Cherokee daily life.

The Cherokee Heritage Center frequently welcomes visitors from around the world and would like to thank the Tulsa Global Alliance for their continued support.


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