Cherokee Heritage Center

The Center consists of a living history Cherokee village, a museum, and small township of historical buildings. Dedicated to the perservation of Cherokee culture and history, it is one of the most widely visited Native American sites in Oklahoma.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Traditional Clothing Exhibit

Traditional Clothing: History, Styles, Materials and Methods: The display is on exhibit at the Cherokee Nation complex through the month of July and then it will be displayed at the Heritage Center.

Mr. Wendell Cochran is a gentleman of many talents: he is a self-taught artist, designer, decorator, Cherokee scholar, oral historian and a bona fide master of traditional Cherokee clothing. His creative genius and advanced skills extend to the farthest boundaries of his artistic field. Engaging over four decades of journeyman study and application, Mr. Cochran is a skilled tanner and has the knowledge to classify, harvest and process natural materials to make woven textiles, create cloth and thread, produce pigments and dyes, and fashion buttons, ornaments and accessories. Click here for rest of story.

Clothing Exhibit 1

Clothing Exhibit 2


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